When you give a physicist a camera, she might forget that she's supposed to be doing something other than taking pictures! I am available as a photographer within Virginia and the surrounding areas. Originally specializing in candid moments of nature and pets, I have also been expanding to include portraits, engagements, and weddings.

My grandmother taught me to quilt as a child, and I would help her with quilts that were given to family and friends as gifts, antique-pattern quilts loaned to the New Salem exhibits and displayed in the log cabins, and preparing for the Illinois State Fair yearly competition. After her death, I moved away from quilting for almost a decade. Several years ago, however, I couldn't resist the little voices of each bolt of fabric anymore. I do not make quilts in bulk, because when you create one with someone special in mind then all of the blood (it happens), sweat (fabric is heavy!), and tears (you can only rip out a seam so many times) make the quilt resonate with the person for whom it was made. A moderately complex queen-sized quilt will take several months to complete for you, and may take longer depending on if the quilter is backed up.

The more complex the pattern, the longer it will take and the more it will cost due to the number of woman-hours involved. If you want licensed fabrics, or a pattern that has been out of print for a decade, you can also expect those to be more expensive. I am happy to work with you to design your perfect quilt, and will even take you shopping with me for fabric if you live locally! If you'd like a quote for a custom quilt, use the contact option above to send me a message!